Sandra Henderson


Inspiration and Techniques

Sandra's earlier work was largely inspired by flowers but she then broadened her subject matter to include birds, animals and landscapes.

Her art journey has included watercolour with the addition of gouache, acrylics and inks on paper and canvas. She has also explored painting miniatures with watercolour and airbrushed inks on Claybord. She very much enjoys exploring new media and techniques and this led to her excursion into the world of encaustic. 

Encaustic is a Greek work meaning 'to heat' or 'burn in' (enkaustikos). This technique has been around for centuries - it dates back to the Ancient Greeks who used it to decorate their warships.

Encaustic painting involves the use of melted beeswax with the addition of a hardening agent. It is usually painted onto a wooden board and the wax is fused with a heat gun. A wide range of different materials and techniques can be incorporated into the encaustic painting - collage, stenciling, texturing, inks, oil pastels, engraving, shellac burning - the use of techniques is limited only by the imagination.

Sandra loves experimenting and has recently discovered the brilliant colours and luminosity of alcohol inks. She is using them not only on their own but also as part of her latest mixed media work.